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  • Thursday, August 23, 2007

    Jared and P.J., reunited at last!!

    Lori: It's coming! It's coming!

    Susan: Yep. Coming Undone.

    Lori: No! I mean, sure, that's the title of your MOST AWESOME book, but I meant that it's coming Tuesday to a store near readers.

    Susan: I know! Yaddadaddadadda, Yaddadaddadadda, Yaddadaddadadda, Wah-AH-um!

    Lori: Good gravy, what was that? Did somebody run over a cat?

    Susan: Um, no, that was me singing. Okay, poorly, I admit, but you gotta cut me some slack here--I'm totally jazzed about COMING UNDONE but I'm also dragging my tail. I just finished my newest effort, CUTTING LOOSE. And I do mean JUST finished--like five minutes ago. I'm a little rummy.

    Lori: Trust me, I know that feeling well. Still, do us all a favor, okay? No more singing.

    Susan: :::Sigh::: Okay.

    Lori: Especially not while I’m trying to tell readers how they HAVE to get this book. Delish. Just plain delish. Everything I’d hoped for and more.

    Susan: Now see, that rejuvenated me. So you liked it?

    Lori: LIKED IT? I LOVED IT! And that means mega-talent on your part, because we all know how it is when readers are hankering for that highly-anticipated book. And I have been hankering, as you well know. P.J. stole my heart when I first read her in HOT & BOTHERED. In fact, I think that’s how we first met.

    Susan: Yep. You wrote me, demanding to know whether or not P.J. would be okay, because you didn’t want to finish HOT & BOTHERED until I reassured you. :::rolling my eyes:::

    Lori: Sorry, but I just loved P.J. and Jared. And I was afraid for them both. But oh baby, what a payoff!

    Susan: Thank you again!

    Lori: So why don’t you give readers the scoop on what happened with those two, so they can feel reassured, too.

    Susan: Sure thing. Jared went into business with Rocket, the former Marine who became a PI. He was the hero of Hot & Bothered.

    Lori: Oh, baby! Come to mama! :::Clears throat::: Sorry. But I LOVED “seeing” Rocket and Tori and Esme again. That Rocket is just as hot now as he was in his own book.

    Susan: Take a deep breath here, girl. Deeeeep breath. You gotta calm down.

    Lori: I’ll try. But this book was so seriously good -

    Susan: :::laughing giddily::: Talk about making my day, Lori! Anyway, when Jared joined Semper Fi Agency, they expanded the business to include personal security. And on the P.J. front--well, she's really come a long way from her trailer park days with her mama. She's a rising country music star, known by her first and middle names: Priscilla Jayne.

    Lori: Way to go, Peej! I have to tell you, Susan, it was like watching my little sis grow up and come into her own. I LOVED how P.J. matured, and how she still stayed P.J., that is, the girl with the edge, and the girl with that heart-wrenching touch of vulnerability.

    Susan: Oh, bless you, bless you! She was such a special character for me in both books, and it means a lot that you felt she was special, too. In COMING UNDONE, P.J. is about to begin the biggest concert tour of her life, one with the potential to really catapult her career. That's the good news. The bad news is, it's kicking off in the midst of a huge scandal.

    Lori: :::SNORT::: Bout damn time, if you ask me. I remember what happened in HOT & BOTHERED, so I’m glad she canned her good-for-nothing mom!

    Susan: Me, too. But Mama's talking trash to the tabloids and now Wild Wind Records, Priscilla Jayne's label, is getting very nervous about her reliability.

    Lori: Which--hello!-- is where Jared comes in. Sweet!

    Susan: Yep. They hired Semper Fi Agency to supply a watchdog for their new million dollar baby to make sure she gets to her concerts like she's supposed to.

    Lori: Stupid people. It’s not like P.J. has been unreliable in the past and they can't trust her to get herself to them.

    Susan: I know! She's never missed a performance in her life.

    Lori: And that’s why I KNEW Jared would eventually set them straight in a big way.

    Susan: Yeah, but it took him awhile, because Jared hasn't seen P.J. in fifteen years. And I don't know if you remember this, but she sort of disappeared out of his life.

    Lori: Remember it??? It broke my heart! Of course I remember.

    Susan: And then there were those reports of her being difficult to work with, which were bandied about by her first label.

    Lori: Right. And at first, I was a little disappointed in Jared for not defending her quicker. But hey, he’s my very favorite kind of hero --a conflicted one. :) And given his story in HOT & BOTHERED, it’s no wonder that Jared has some trust issues.

    Susan: Very true. But he also had that phenomenal connection with P.J. when they lived on the streets of Denver together.

    Lori: :::Sigh::: Yeah. They were so clued in to each other. That’s why I was so anxious for this story, and why it is SO satisfying.

    Susan: So you feel that Jared redeems himself?

    Lori: You betcha! And that’s before the Fundamentalist Whacko Fan starts sending Priscilla Jayne letters...

    Susan: Shhhhh! You know what P.T. Barnum said: Keep em coming back for more. At least I think it was P.T. Maybe it was somebody else. Or maybe I just made that up. (Toldja I was rummy).

    Lori: Well, I’ll just wrap this up then by saying that I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book, and you deserve a good long break now. Rest up – before I start begging for the next one. Um, what did you say the title is again?


    Blogger DFender said...

    Can't wait! Rowwwwwrrrrrrrrrrr!

    3:30 AM  
    Blogger Lori Foster said...

    dfender, this book is just THAT awesome. I devoured every word. Everyone here knows I've bee prodding Susan to get it written, and get it into my hot little hands, so when I got an ARC (advanced reviewer copy) I danced! And dove in. And devoured.
    It's just plain wonderful!


    4:42 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hey Susan/Lori:
    I think I can pick it up today *Friday* from the looks of availability at my Borders stores which I checked by going on line. I am hoping I am not going to go flying in there today to be disappointed!


    6:34 AM  
    Blogger Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

    Gee, I don't know why, but the thought just popped into my head that I need to go buy "Coming Undone." Huh, can't imagine where that came from.

    8:01 AM  
    Blogger elizabeth said...

    I have to wait until Tuesday?


    10:24 AM  
    Blogger Jayne Ann Krentz said...

    I'll be in my local Borders first thing Tuesday morning! Can't wait!


    11:25 AM  
    Blogger Elizabeth Guest said...

    Can't wait to read COMING UNDONE! (Cool cover, too, Susan.)


    11:26 AM  
    Blogger Stella said...

    Looking forward to this one, Susan. Love that cover.


    12:09 PM  
    Blogger Judy F said...

    oH I can't wait to read this one either...I know it will rock...

    1:58 PM  
    Blogger Judy F said...

    Ps Lori you make a book pimp proud

    2:33 PM  
    Anonymous Louis said...

    Picked up "Coming Undone" yesterday....looking forward to reading it.

    Ms Susan...keep on writing, please.

    3:11 PM  
    Blogger susan andersen said...

    Awww, thanks, y'all. I get excited with every new book that hits the shelves--that's a thrill that never goes away. But this book in particular I'm psyched about, because I've never had a character that spoke to me the way P.J. Morgan did. So here's hopin' she kicks butt. :)

    Judy, TOO FUNNY! Because Lori truly does pimp the book! When she likes somebody's work her generousity knows no bounds in getting the word out. Thank you, Lori. Thanks to all my sister Quills. What a generous bunch of women. you rock!!

    3:37 PM  
    Blogger froggie said...

    Susan, is this new book related to Just for Kicks? (which btw is the name of a dance school around here!).

    It sounds great and I'd love to read it.

    7:35 PM  
    Blogger susan andersen said...

    froggie, no but it's connected to the Marine series. Jared and PJ were kids in Hot & Bothered

    8:36 PM  
    Anonymous Ranurgis said...

    I read the article in RT Book Reviews today. These sound like very intriguing characters. I guess it makes sense to read "Hot and Bothered" first and then "Coming Undone". I hope the library has the former and I'll see about getting the latter. So you deserve to be "rummy". Enjoy the feeling.

    So there's a whole Marine series? Which ones are they?

    10:35 PM  
    Anonymous Ranurgis said...

    Lori, are there only two books in the extreme fighting series: "Causing Havoc" and "Simon"? I thought there were 3, but which is the third? I couldn't figure it out from your book list.

    10:38 PM  
    Blogger Lori Foster said...

    Ranurgis, JUDE'S LAW is also an SBC fighter book, but it was with Kensington and now HAVOC and SIMON are with Berkley, thus the confusion. ;-)

    SUSAN, I can't imagine a better book than COMING UNDONE. It takes a lot to keep this old grandma up late, but PJ and Jared did it - twice. First in H&B and now in CU.
    I can see how PJ spoke to you, because she sure spoke to me. I love that character like a little sis!
    Big hugs!


    5:46 AM  
    Blogger susan andersen said...


    My Marine series is:
    Head Over Heels
    Getting Lucky
    Hot & Bothered
    Coming Undone

    They're all stand alone books, though.

    12:52 PM  
    Blogger susan andersen said...

    whoops, hit publish too soon. Meant to say the Coming Undone was the unplanned Marine book. The series was meant to be a trilogy, but when I created Jared and PJ as kids in H&B, they immediately started agitating for a story of their own.

    And so my trilogy became a quartet. :)

    12:55 PM  
    Blogger Lori Foster said...

    Thank goodness they agitated you enough that you wrote their story. LOL. I NEEDED it!
    Well done, Susan. ;-)


    5:38 AM  
    Blogger Judy F said...

    I started it yesterday and I am almost done. Oh its like coming home. Its so great... Just awesome Susan... Awesome...

    Ps. I didn't get much cleaning done yesterday because of it..

    1:51 PM  
    Blogger susan andersen said...

    Judy, Judy, Judy! Thank YOU! I'm so glad you're enjoying it.

    6:47 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    HEY ALL!

    I got the book Friday so RUN TO YOUR STORES because it may be there NOW!

    My area of Upstate NY was sweltering Saturday so I stayed in, kicked back and ummmm, heated up all over again!!!

    GREAT BOOK Susan!

    From SusanB to Susan A!

    7:36 AM  
    Blogger susan andersen said...

    Thanks, Susan!

    The keeping cool west coast Susan :)

    7:33 PM  
    Blogger PJ said...

    I just got home from the store and have COMING UNDONE in my hot little hand. The long wait is over. Can't wait to get started!

    Thanks, Susan!

    ~PJ (the other one...grin)

    3:13 PM  

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