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  • Thursday, October 08, 2009

    Pros and Cons of the changing seasons!


    If you're like me, there are things you love about the changing seasons - and things you dread.

    The beautiful colors are a plus. I love to look out my bedroom window and see the changing leaves on all the trees. And driving along the highway is more relaxing with fall colors everywhere. Soooo pretty.

    I hate seeing those leaves begin to drop off, though, sometimes ripped away by a cutting breeze! Brrrr....

    I love decorating for the holidays. My grandson is making that extra fun this year because everything is better through the eyes of a four year old. He helped me put out scarecrows, choose pumpkins and mums, and hang some ghosts in the trees.

    I also enjoy picking up those gel window clings for him to play with. He arranges and rearranges and fills up every window! They're perfect because they stick easily, and are cheap enough that if he mangles one, it doesn't matter.

    And for whatever reason, my grandson enjoys carrying around the glow-in-the-dark skeleton that normally hangs outside. Sort of cracks me up!

    I don't like that it's dark so early in the evening, and dark when I get out of bed. I'm a sunshine fan, and I think I could even handle the colder weather if the sun shone all the time.

    I love cooking "cool weather" meals like one-pot stews and baked bread, roasts and mashed potatoes, stuffed chicken or turkey and steamed veggies - all the things we avoid when it's 90 degrees outside.
    In fact, in the summer, almost every meal is grilled. That has its own appeal, but now I like how the house feels and smells while food is baking. Yum!

    But boy do I dread the weight I pick up in winter. All that baking really packs on the pounds!

    And speaking of pounds... the layers of clothes I have to wear is a total bummer. I hate being cold, so I usually wear long T-shirts under bulky sweatshirts and when I go outside, a coat over that! It's tough to move.

    On the upside, extra clothes hide lots of body flaws. LOL You can barely see me under there!

    What about you? What do you like or dislike about the rapidly changing weather?

    Do you have certain winter and summer meals?
    Do you decorate for Fall and Halloween, and if so, what type of decorations?

    Whatever your preferences, I hope you're staying healthy, warm, and happy during this brisk October!

    Hugs to all,

    L. L. Foster


    Blogger susan andersen said...

    I, too, love the cold weather foods: the stews, the chilis, the crock-pot meals that scent the house. I hate that I seem to get all stuffy for a while with the change in temperatures, but that should pass soon. (I hope)

    I'm not a big seasonal decorator myself, but I love seeing other people's decorations. You can usually tell the homes that have little kids in them (or grandkids). I especially like seeing kids' homemade drawings/decorations.

    7:45 AM  
    Blogger Lori Foster said...

    Thanks Susan. I like the special Halloween costumes that talented moms make! I'm a lousy sewer... so nothing awesome from me in that dept. LOL
    My grandson did help me make spiders out of pipe cleaners and those nobby seedlings that drop from trees. Very fun!


    8:30 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi Lori,
    I love Fall. It's the most exciting time of the year for me, with the cooler weather, swirling leaves, pumpkin patches. I love the food of Fall-the squashes and stews, apples and pears. I love the smells of Fall-the spices and slowly cooked foods, the smell of the first fire in the woodstove or fireplace. Yesterday I cooked a vegetarian chili that took hours and had layers of flavor and texture, and then I listened to my hubby hum his approval with every bite.
    I have recently gotten back into sewing for the first time in over 25 years (it really is just like riding a bicycle) and I am having a blast making Halloween costumes and warm pajama pants.
    I am not a big fan of coats, jackets, etc, but give me a good sweater and a scarf and I can play all day outside.
    We are having a particularly wonderful Fall here in the Pacific Northwest coming after the most glorious summer ever! Who knows, maybe we'll have snow for Christmas again.

    Susan- use the neti pot. That's the one thing that works for me.

    Lynne Thomas

    8:49 AM  
    Blogger Kate Douglas said...

    When the kids were small I loved the changing seasons for the holidays--making costumes, sewing new flannel jammies and that sort of thing. Now I enjoy the slide from one season to the next purely for the change. It's turned cold enough for fires at night in the woodstove, and yesterday I cooked a big pot of soup that bubbled and steamed up the kitchen and tasted like ambrosia last night. I love the cold mornings and the crisp air and the smell of woodsmoke. The leaves are beginning to turn and the green forest is highlighted with yellow oaks and red maples. It's such a brief time, but I do love it.

    9:22 AM  
    Anonymous Shiloh Walker said...

    Oh, I love the fall. the one thing I really hate is when the temps jump up and down-wreaks havoc on my allergies.

    But I love fall, the colors and the smells... :)

    9:44 AM  
    Blogger Catherine said...

    Hi Lori
    My girls enjoy decorating for Christmas, so that's the only holiday deco'ing I do.
    I do everthing year round. BBQ in the rain, crockpot in the summer, use flannel sheets year round. Nothing better than soft sheets, even in the summer.
    I do enjoy the cooler nights, because that means I turn on the heater at night. No waking up to a cold house =)
    Happy Fall (enjoy that grandson!!)


    10:31 AM  
    Blogger Carla said... make me want to throw a log on the fire and a roast in the oven! I have a pot of apples stewing on the stove right now. I love warm, freshly made sugar, no spices, just apples.

    1:43 PM  
    Blogger susan andersen said...

    Lynne, yep, netti-pots do help, but it's getting back into the habit again. Will have to do that.

    1:53 PM  
    Blogger Jayne Ann Krentz said...

    Lori: I like the change in seasons and the change in food. Some meals do just taste better in winter. But no-go on decorations. I don't mind putting them up but I absolutely hate taking them down and I want them down the instant the holiday is over. So it's just easier not to put them up.

    Maybe a nice vase of flowers, but that's about it.


    5:14 PM  
    Blogger Brandy said...

    I love Fall and my kids are enjoying the cooler temps as well, especially since we live in the South and cooler right now is around 79 degrees. In another week or so I'll be putting up Halloween decorations and let the kids decorate the storm door. We have a paper skeleton we pose in a 'Tree' a yoga pose. *G* I'm usually good with a t-shirt and a sweater for Fall and the leaves are gorgeous. I can't wait to make soups, stews and roast a chicken or turkey soon. We did a ham this week. *G*

    Happy Fall!

    7:12 PM  
    Blogger abigail2 said...

    Living in Texas, we don't get the "drastic" changes in seasons. I look forward to fall when I no longer have to run the A/C; and hope that I'm not running the A/C one day, the furnace the next!!!

    The big thing I like about Fall, the cooler temps so that I can finally use my oven again!

    The boys are older now so we don't do a lot of decorating for Halloween.

    8:45 PM  
    Blogger Stella Cameron said...

    I looove fall. It's my favorite season, until winter when that's my favorite season. Spring is okay but summer stinks. Can't stand heat.

    This is a wonderful time in the garden. We're having a spectacular Indian Summer and the flowers are hanging on. I'm waiting to plant astors but the rose impatiens are still lush and I can't make myself drag them out yet.

    I get out the cobwebs and gouls for Halloween but my favorite is Grinchy Grinch time when my 4ft tall Grinch comes out of his bags and stands outside the door to welcome visitors.

    Lovely post, Lori--you made me think of some really nice memories.

    Hugs, Stella

    11:25 PM  
    Blogger Lori Foster said...

    I have sketchy internet here at the RV park for early Halloween Trick R Treat, so that's why I haven't replied folks. Hope this goes through. I'll be home Sunday AM.

    Hugs to all who posted!


    7:11 AM  
    Anonymous Lori of Canada said...

    I love fall and winter; I much prefer the colder temps (aside from paying to heat my house) to the heat and humidity.

    I don't really decorate for Halloween but I do for Christmas (despite my brother being a bah humgbug type of person)

    I love the changing colours and the snuggling into flannel pjs and toasty socks. I love the wood stove and I am eager to see how the kittens react to the wood stove... and when they see their first snowfall. They are fascinated by the rain when it pours here so when white stuff starts falling outside, i can't wait to see their reaction!

    Lori M.

    7:55 AM  
    Blogger Kathleen O said...

    I love to see the fall colours as the seasons changes from summer to fall, but I hate the rain, damp and dropping tempetures it brings. I am not really a Halloween person. I do put out a few "fall" decorations. I have a nice deocoration for my door and I like the fall colours of flowers around the house.
    Christmas is really my time to decorate and I have even cut back on that, as I do not get as much company as I once did, but I put them up just for myself to enjoy.

    I like to sit all snuggled up in a warm "goonie gown" as I call them usually something with long sleeves and down to my toes. My fav pair of foot warmers and read a good book.. I wish I had a fire place and that would make it all the better.. I think I should mention that to my landlord, it might cut down on the cost of heating...

    We celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend and the smell of turkeys, pumpkin pie and the other aromas start to fill the house.. Ah yes fall is official here..

    8:11 AM  
    Blogger elizabeth said...

    Beyond the aspens turning, my favorite part of fall is the first fire in the fireplace. The flames are elegant, the coals hypnotic. It's like the fire breathes.

    9:13 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    In Hawaii we don'thave drastic seasonal changes, just like abigail2 in Texas. This morning at 11:00AM it was 90 degrees in my house with no wind. We have about 2 more weeks of this before the temp starts to drop a little. That's the part of fall that I wait for. And once it cools off, I can start cooking soups just like you all are doing now. It will be a while

    I gave up decorating for Halloween because we don't even get any kids coming by anymore. So Sad! I used to love seeing them in their costumes, especially the little ones. Neighborhoods change I guess.

    Since my kids are both in California I don't do much decorating for Christmas anymore either. I may change my mind this year as I missed it last year.

    Kathy H.

    12:27 AM  
    Blogger Lori Foster said...

    I was gone Friday/Saturday and up until an hour ago Sunday at a local RV park that was celebrating an early Halloween. Friday night it stormed, but Saturday was super sunny and mild - perfect for my grandson to trick-r-treat, view all the decorated RVs (and some of them really went all out!) to ride the lighted and decorated tram, and to visit the vortex and haunted house. Super fun!
    We'll definitely plan to do this again next year.
    It was exhausting, but I loved it. And perfect sleeping weather, with it getting so cool at night.
    Some people decorated scary, and some decorated fun. The entire RV park was lit up and musical.

    Thank you to everyone who posted to the blog. While at the RV park I had interrupted internet (probably from the storm the night before) but I was able to read most of the posts.

    Hugs to all!


    12:38 PM  

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